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Covers & All is a market leader in fully customizable cover protection solutions for home, commercial, and industrial use. Whether you need sophisticated covers for your outdoor lifestyle areas or for your job site or warehouse, our cutting-edge technology delivers what you need in any size or shape with personalization options that make personal style or branding a snap.

When Covers & All was founded in 2016, the world of outdoor living spaces was becoming more and more sophisticated with increasingly fashionable furniture of a higher quality becoming the norm. What we quickly realized, however, was that to protect these stylish, high-end pieces, all that was available were drab, one-size-fits-all covers; most, if not all, were of questionable quality. Sophisticated tailor-made covers whose premium quality matched the furniture they protected? Those were non-existent.

Cut to today. Covers & All has shipped more than 400,000 custom covers to over 1 million customers and boasts 800+ employees as part of our team. Our product portfolio continues to grow month by month and consists of over 700 products within a wide range of categories and subcategories, including:

  • Patio Furniture
  • Holiday Collection
  • Fire Pit
  • Sectional
  • Couch
  • Grill
  • TV
  • Gym Equipment
  • Equipment
  • Swing & Hammock
  • Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Game Table
  • Vehicle
  • Custom
  • Cushion and Pillow
  • Accessories
  • Custom Tarps
  • Solar Shades

Complete customization and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our philosophy. 

Using a carefully curated collection of fabrics ranging from rugged waterproof and UV resistant covers and tarps to mesh and solar shades, we put great thought and care into every item we produce. Any shape, any size, we will deliver exactly what you need, to your specifications:

  • Tailor-Made Custom Covers for Any Shape or Size (Mention shape and/or brands, wherever applicable).
  •  High Tensile Strength – Tear Resistant Fabric. 
  • Multiple Color & Fabric Options (10+ Color Options & 3 Fabric Options). 
  •  Covers Can Be Personalized with Name, Logo, Picture (Optional). 
  •  Made From 100% Waterproof Fabric. 
  •  Double Seam Stitching to Prevent Water Leaks. 
  • Air Vents for Air Circulation to Inhibit or Prevent Interior Mold & Mildew Growth. 
  •  Multiple Tie-Down Options Offer a Snug Fit and Can Be Customized on Covers as Required for the Product: 
    • Waterproof zippers offer easy placement and removal
    • Velcro straps which can be fastened around legs 
    • Elastic on four corners or periphery 
    • Push clips to tighten the bottom
    • Grommets which are commonly used in tarps & vinyl curtains 
  • Easy Access Handles for Seamless Removal & Cleaning. 
  • Velcro splits & waterproof zippers are not tie downs but are customizable on big covers for an easy access or ease of use.

Covers & All was founded on the principles of understanding the needs of our customers… then working tirelessly to provide them with the products made with highest quality craftsmanship accompanied by world class customer service to fill that need. While our number of satisfied customers continues to speak for itself, we know our journey is only just beginning.

Visit our website at https://www.coversandall.com and see how you can up your protection game without sacrificing a single stitch of style.